The Association of Czech Translation Agencies (ACTA) is an interest association of legal entities that provides translation and interpreting services. Since its foundation in 2005, ACTA has been member of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies (EUATC), which unites all European national translation company associations.

Objectives of the Association of Czech Translation Agencies

ACTA’s objectives:

  1. To unite and promote interaction and cooperation among language service providers, and to protect and encourage the promotion of the translation and interpreting industry in the Czech Republic;
  2. To promote and assist the development of Association members;
  3. To conduct market surveys; advise members and share general information on all matters relating to translation and interpreting; to print, publish, distribute, circulate and provide access to such papers, journals, books, circulars and other printed documents that may contribute to any of the Association’s objectives;
  4. To collect data and other information on all issues related to the translation and interpreting industry and evaluate them statistically;
  5. To create a platform for the exchange of experience and best practices, and for the improvement and promotion of the members’ general and technical know-how;
  6. To promote fair and honest conduct within the profession and eliminate professional negligence;
  7. To express opinions on disputes relating to translation and interpreting services when requested;
  8. To promote and support the implementation of fair professional conduct and business practices;
  9. To keep a public list of the Association’s members;
  10. To promote the benefits of the services offered by translation agencies.

ACTA objectives within international contacts:

  1. To represent and promote the interests of members in negotiations with European and international institutions and organizations;
  2. To build and develop relationships with associations of similar professional orientations worldwide;
  3. To be the exclusive representative of the Czech Republic in the EUATC;
  4. To delegate participants for EUATC meetings and submit proposals for delegates;
  5. To inform members on the outcomes of international negotiations.