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We are proud to announce that we have received certification under the ČSN EN ISO 17100:2015 international standard. The certificate is another step in our long-term endeavor to provide top-quality services, and an assurance to our clients that our translations can be relied on under all circumstances.

We pay meticulous attention to ensuring the highest possible quality of our translation services and to demonstrating our commitment to quality in an assuring manner. In 2000, we were one of the first European translation firms to comply with the requirements of the DIN 2345 standard, which regulates the quality of translation services and the process for entering into contracts between clients and translators. Since 2005, we have been registered as a translation firm operating in compliance with the DIN EN 15038:2006-08 international translation services standard.

“Certification under international standards allows us to demonstrate convincingly that the high quality of our services comes as a result of systematic work and meticulous attention to detail. The goal is to ensure that clients can rely on our translations in all situations and under any circumstances,” explained CEO Jiří Spěváček.