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Independent research and advisory organisation Common Sense Advisory has rated the company Skrivanek Group as one of the world’s leading players in the field of translating.

Skrivanek Group has another success to its name. For yet another year, it features in the rankings of the 100 largest language service providers in the world, which has been compiled by independent research and advisory organisation Common Sense Advisory (CSA) based on market research into language services for a number of years. In this year’s annual report, The Language Services Market: 2017, CSA has ranked Skrivanek Group among the largest worldwide language service providers, with the company once again confirming its place among the Top 50 largest language agencies in the world.

CSA’s research also shows that interest in language services is still on the rise. CSA predicts that the value of language service provision will surpass US$ 43.8 billion globally in 2017. The rate of worldwide growth in the translation branch has attained 6.97% year-on-year.

Common Sense Advisory

Common Sense Advisory ( is an independent research and advisory organisation which specialises in global market research into translation, interpreting and localisation services.