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Here at České překlady, we have dedicated this summer to our translators in a rather untraditional way. While this is nothing new, we have let them know that they are just as important to us as our clients. After all, without excellent suppliers we would have nothing to offer our customers. We have therefore created an entirely new department of vendor management, made major improvements to categorisation in the translator database in our ordering system, and other surprises are in the works.

We ourselves enjoy being in the position of a favourite and perhaps even respected supplier, and we believe our translators are entitled to this same feeling. And as we are well aware that translating is not an exact science, we think it is necessary to build good relationships with each translator who understands their work, who enjoys their profession and takes a sensitive and conscientious approach to it and, last but not least, continues to improve in this rapidly changing world. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by such individuals, and we thank each and every one of them!